Equality & Diversity


UK Recruiting Ltd is commited to a Policy of Equality of Oppotunity which respects the identity, rights and value of each individual. We are positively comitted to oppose all direct & indirect discrimination in the organisation.

  • We challenge discrimination & lack of oportunity & encourage others to do the same
  • Training is provided to ensure that all employees are aware of the rights & responsibility under the equality & diversity policy
  • Our aim is to create a culture that respects & values each other’s differences & recognise that diversity is a great asset to the organisation
  • Diverisity among staff is values and individual skills are promoted and utilised
  • Incidents of discrmination are treated serioulsy and dealt fairly
  • Our aim is that our workforce will be truly representative of all sections of society and each person feels respected and able to give their best.


UK Recruiting Ltd is committed to ensuring the welfare, health and of the company’s employees and of those who may be affected by our activities.

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