Environmental Policy



UK Recruiting Ltd recognises that its activities have environmental implication in both the long & short term. It is therefore the policy of the company to:

  • We aim to lessen environmetal damage & increase, where possible, the opportunities Environmental enhancement
  • We consider environmental impact as a vital part of the decision making process
  • We seek to conserve the use of energy, water and paper & promote the use of recycled materials at our office
  • We instigate green purchasing procedures in accordance with recommendations & requirements introduced by current & future regulations & comply with legal requirements
  • We co-operate with others to improve enviromental conditions
  • We encourage personal effort on the part of all employees to reduce or prevent environmental damage & to act as a good neighbours to those afected by our activities


UK Recruiting Ltd is committed to ensuring the welfare, health and of the company’s employees and of those who may be affected by our activities.

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