26th November to 2nd December – UKR Weekly Newsletter

UKR Weekly Newsletter | UKR Construction jobs West London


  • Treasury details offsite construction drive (The Construction Index)
  • Heathrow airport to ‘revolutionise’ offsite construction sector (PBC Tday)
  • Construction industry to benefit from major skills boost (UK Construction Media)
  • How can construction improve educational standards? (UK Construction Media)
  • ‘Co-living’ in an abandoned mall? This startup is making it happen (Curbed)
  • Government backs digital manufacturing for £600bn project pipeline (PBC Today)
  • London’s “super sewer” costs are soaring already in face of “engineering challenges” (GCR)
  • ‘Chips board’: potato waste building product wins award (Construction Manager)
  • Plans for 17-storey Manchester Maldron hotel (Construction Enquirer)
  • First pop-up box homes installed in Southampton (The Construction Index)
  • The 20 Largest Cities in the World of 2018 (Arch Daily)
  • Specialist contractors call for government regulation of the construction industry (The Construction Index)
  • Lendlease wins Birmingham Commonwealth Games village (Construction Enquirer)
  • Housebuilding continues to bolster construction (UK Construction Media)
  • Britain is building! £600Bn of projects in construction pipeline (UK Construction Media)
  • ‘UK housebuilding revolution’: £65,000 prefab homes go into production (The Guardian)
  • Modern methods of construction can meet housing need (PBC Today)
  • Apprenticeships ‘vital’ for tackling future workplace challenges (Scottish Construction Now)
  • Sharp fall in migrant workers shows UK is already changing ahead of Brexit (Building Specifier)
  • Trouble at the Tulip: Rotating gondolas planned for new London tower ‘could confuse air traffic control systems’ (Mail Online)
  • The best eco-friendly floor options for your home (Inhabitat)




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